June 30, 2007
Well, it's been interesting here in Matador land since my last post. I'm sure most of you that have read this site already know that we are hitting the east coast in later July into August. What most of you don't know however is that we will be going out again with Hell or Highwater in early September. We are pumped for both. We finally put all the money for printing the cd's together, so that is being accomplished this week. The artwork is pretty damn cool I must say, and if you haven't seen it i'll be posting it on the music page. Who knows, it might already be on there. I highly recommend checking out the shows page (yes i've updated it) to make sure you catch our last couple shows before tour, including bands such as Echoes of Harpers Ferry, Traffic and Weather, and The Gaslight Anthem. I'm out of words. Time to grab a beer. Boggs